Updates: Foreign Travel, Vaccination Passport and Traffic Light System

at their own expense (up to £1,750) on arrival for 11 days. Then a test on days 2 and 8.

 The government said that it still too soon to predict which countries will make it onto the green list and continues to advise against booking holidays abroad this summer. 

 The reaction from officials at Heathrow airport expressed disappointment that the government did not take the opportunity to give definite dates for travel. The government says it

 “will confirm in advance whether non-essential international travel can resume on 17 May, or whether we will need to wait longer before lifting the outbound travel restriction”.

 Covid Status Certification (aka Vaccination Passport)T

 Covid certification will most likely play a part in getting foreign travel off the ground and for the mass events. This will be developed in the coming months with trials starting as soon as mid-Apri. In due course and this certificate would consider three things: immunity i.e. those who have had the virus before and have antibodies, vaccination status and proof of a negative covid test.

 The global travel task force will be revealing its report on April 12 about the way forward.

 In the mean time, lateral flow tests are now freely available from the NHS and the PM encouraged everyone to take a test twice a week if they can. 

 At the moment it is illegal to travel abroad and flouting this rule invites a hefty fine of £5,000. Domestic travel will be allowed from 12 April.

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