Greece is open: Jet2holidays offering £100 off pp on every holiday

Greece is open: Jet2holidays offering £100 off pp on every holiday

As Greece offers a warm welcome mat, Jet2holidays make it easy to book your holiday with £100 off holidays, a refund guarantee and easy payments.

May 17 is likely to be the most exciting date on the calendar this year. Why? Because this is the date with the travel go-ahead button attached to it.

And as Brits start mentally packing their bags for sun and sea with a huge dollop of culture, Greece has already put out the welcome mat and has been the most vocal about inviting Britons who have had both doses of the vaccination onto its shores.

The tourism minister Haris Theoharis has expressed eagerness:

“We’ll try to dovetail with the plan that has been announced in the UK,”  “A date of 17 May has been set and we certainly want to be ready by then.”

Travel companies are eagerly looking to capture some of that magic and making it easy and even reassuring to book now for later.

Jet2holidays, a giant in easy holidaying experiences, have expanded their holiday itinerary to Greece and are also offering a range of 2 to 5 star hotels so that everyone can have the holiday they deserve.

Right now, Jet2holidays are offering £100 per person off all their holidays with the added reassurance that if they have to cancel, their refund is guaranteed. Also, paying for your holiday can be made easier by opting to pay in full or, depending on departure dates, with just a £60pp deposit* you can then spread the rest as and when you like or in monthly chunks. Offer ends March 31st, 2021.

Greece has a myriad of appealing destinations; here’s a small selection.



This gorgeous hilly island in the southern Aegean sea is as romantic as can be. It is best known for its cube-shaped buildings topped with those blue domes, sensational cliffs and blessed with land so lush that as the honey-hued sunsets blanket the landscape with is dimming light, it takes your breath away

Oia and the capital, Fira, are two of the island’s most popular resorts and make for the perfect hillside hideaways.


Halkidiki has three peninsulas that look like crooked fingers protruding into the warm waters of the Aegean sea. The Kassandra finger is home to several gorgeous villages, such as Kriopigi, which spreads itself on a hill where pine trees rise up over Toroneos Gulf. Nearby is the village of Afitos, amazing vistas over Sithonia and the eastern coast of Kassandra with quaint stone-built houses, cobbled streets and Orthodox Christian structures. Sani is a little busier, especially in the summer when pop concerts take place at the foot of a hill. The village also has lovely bars and a marina replete with restaurants.



The island of Corfu, rises out of the Ionian and has a vast coastline, a rugged beauty of unkempt yet lush mountains and sandy coves lapped by calm, cobalt-blue waters. Everywhere are hints of its Venetian, French and British heritage – in its architecture, such as twisty medieval lanes, Venetian fortresses and the French-styled arcade in its atmospheric Old Town.

The eastern shores of the queen of the Ionion, such as Ipsos, Dassia, Moraitika and Benitses, are most liked by young families. Whereas the northeast offers pastel-hued architecture on a hillside dotted amid olive-trees overlooking the sea.


A long time favourite with party goers, Mykonos is simply beautiful, slow-paced yet at nightfall, a frisson can be felt in the air as locals and holidaymakers come out to dine or sip cocktails. The main town, Chora, is adorned with white cube-shaped homes with bright blue doors and shutters, and often framed by colourful flowers and makes for a most delightful day-time stroll.

Boating For Beginners: 5 Tips To Make Your Experience Safe And Enjoyable

Boating For Beginners: 5 Tips To Make Your Experience Safe And Enjoyable

Boating is one must-try activity when you're outdoors

Boating is one must-try activity when you’re outdoors. If you’re camping with family, a ride down the nearby lake would truly be a fun and memorable experience for everyone, especially the kids. But like any activity outdoors, safety should be your top priority. First timers should be extra cautious, so come prepared and be in the know!

Here are 5 boating tips to make your experience safe and memorable:

Ride your boat on small bodies of water

While it does sound extremely inviting to ride through the currents of a flowing river, it’s ideal to stick to smaller, calmer bodies of water for your first boating adventure. Everyone will feel more at ease with the shore nearby where it can be seen.

Also, smaller bodies of water tend to be more calm no matter what weather it is and nobody has to worry about motion sickness. Once you’ve gained more experience steering the boat, you can move on to bigger bodies of water for future adventures!

Aim for safety and security

Life jackets are your first layer of safety while on the water and it should be worn at all times even if you’ll just be cruising near the shore. If your little one is too small to wear one, he/she is probably too young to take out on a boat.

It’s also important to make everyone feel secure, especially the children. Remind them about no horseplay on the boat and each child should be supervised by an adult.

Keep it fun

Most kids have very short attention spans. After a while, they might start to feel bored so be sure to plan the trip accordingly. You can allot time for a picnic, swimming or fishing (make sure these are permitted) or you can bring along binoculars and try to find birds and wildlife.

Protect yourself from the sun

A sunny day is the perfect setting for a boating adventure. However, it’s important to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays, even if your boat is equipped with awnings or cabins. Remind everyone to put on sunscreen, to bring sunglasses, a floppy hat or to wear long-sleeved shirts for good measure.

Secure your belongings

It’s ideal to leave personal effects (wallets, keys, gadgets etc.) behind, but if you must have them on you, place them in a Ziploc bag to keep them from being wet. Take out phones and cameras only to take photos, but aim for a gadget-free adventure!

Make your first boating with family safe and enjoyable with these 5 helpful tips!

Daniel J. Smith is a survival expert. Having lived the outdoor life since he was very young, he loves sharing his expertise about camping, hiking, traveling, RV living and many more. He has also started his own company called OutBright, which will soon be selling products that cater to campers, hikers, travellers and all outdoor-loving adventurers.

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Ride your boat on small bodies of water
Aim for safety and security